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Christian Character Course


At the core of Christian life is Christian Character. Character is about you, the real you. The ‘you’ that you alone know. The ‘you’ that is reflected in the mirror - every day. Character is who you really are… when no one is looking.

Many entrepreneurs attempt to build their ministries on charisma, talent, and giftedness. God always builds on character. Man looks on external appearances, God looks on the heart. Christ’s character developed within you empowers you to stand with integrity through every season of life.

The Christian Character Course represents the DNA of ImagineNations Church. Passionately, Ps Jack Hanes shares not only the necessity for Christian character, he also shares the supernatural means God has provided to every Born Again Believer in order to live and walk as Jesus in this world.

If you yearn for authenticity and consistency in your Christian life, and you desire to build your ministry on a stable, firm foundation; the Christian Character Course will be a vital investment into your personal and ministerial growth.

Course Details

– 17 online sessions
– Video and audio versions available
– Complete at your own pace

The Christian Character Course can be done in your own time and at your own pace as it is all online, completely mobile for use on all devices. The course has 17 sessions; you choose either to watch the video or listen to the audio, then complete short answer questions, some multiple choice questions and finish with some personal reflection. Depending on your own personal speed, each session would take approximately one hour to complete.

After completing payment, log in details will be emailed through within the week.