INChurch Melbourne


Our Strategy in 3D

We truly believe that Jesus can change our hearts and change our lives. Discipleship and obedience to Jesus Christ are at the core of this change. Our mission statement is "We exist to turn non-Christians into totally committed followers of the Lord Jesus Christ."

We also recognise that change is a process. Our strategy for this process is in 3D – that is: Deliver, Develop, Deploy.

Deliver: The Gospel to our community and beyond

Develop: Believers for works of ministry

Deploy: Disciples who make disciples

At INChurch Melbourne, our ministry endeavours are co-ordinated to work within this strategy and help us fulfil our purpose of reaching the lost and making disciples.


We believe in the potential and the purpose of every believer to “go into all the world and make disciples”. We also understand that every one of us is “a work in progress” and we all require the Lord do a work within our lives and in the deepest places of our hearts.

We encourage everyone who can, to experience an Encounter. An Encounter involves preparation before hand then a weekend away where the individual allows the Holy Spirit to heal, transform and empower their life. Afterwards, the Encounter experience continues with a one week devotional study to help integrate the Word of God and Encounter teaching into each life.

Encounter weekends are available for men, women, youth and children.

Start IN

Start IN is a 8 session course to designed to help new Christians, or those who've made a recommitment to Christ, to make a great start in their relationship with Jesus.  The basic essentials of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ are covered.  All our Connect Leaders are able to take people through StartIN.

discipleship essentials

Some do not finish well and fall away for a variety of reasons. Some years ago, Global Senior Pastors of Imagine Nations Church - Ps Jack and Carol Hanes asked themselves: “Why are we still standing? What foundational principles have been important for us?” Answering the question, they developed the Seven Pillars of Discipleship, principles that you can build your life upon. These are presented over 8 x 45 minute sessions.

Leadership Teams

All Connect Group Leaders are part of the Leadership Team modeled on Jesus, who poured His life and heart into the twelve disciples He called to His side to serve Him.

At a Leadership Team Meeting, our Connect Group Leaders continue to grow as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and are mentored in the ways of leadership, pastoral care, are supported in their role and receive spiritual impartation and life giving teaching.

INChurch Leaders in Training

INChurch Leaders in Training is a three term course developed to put spiritual and practical tools in the hands of those who take the important step up to leadership. The Leaders in Training course helps equip the individual to lead a connect group and disciple others.